How Does It Work?

1) Send Us Your Keywords and Video or Video URL

You can send us your Video URL or Video that you want ranked, along with your Local keywords/phrases

2) We'll  Spend 3 Months Ranking The Video!

We will need 3 months to get your video on the first page of Google. (We find that 3 months is the perfect amount of Video SEO to get results).

3) Your Video Is On The First Page Of Google!

You may get results within  a week.
(depending on how competitive your keywords are), but  all your *local keywords will be on page 1 of Google by then end of 3 months.

We can stop here or go into a monthly plan to remain on the 1st Page of Google.

(*Local Keywords are keywords/phrases that include the city)

Benefits Of Our Video SEO

1. You Will See A Better Ranking in YouTube!
2. Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition.
3. Get On The FirstPage Of Google Fast!

4. Show Your Video to People Who Are Looking For Your Services!
5.  Once It's Ranked, We Can Run A Cheaper Monthly Campaign To keep The Video Ranked (No Need to Pay For Expensive Ads)

What's Included?

Video SEO Guarantee
You Can Choose 5 or 10 Local Keywords
3 Months Of Video SEO Work  
Increase Your YouTube Ranking!
We Upload Your Video To YouTube

Monthly Pricing is Available!