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Our Clients – Online Video SEO And Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services and SEO Local Finder is an Internet Marketing and SEO services in Los Angeles. Here is some example of the video we produce, Video on location, Video Interview, Video Slideshow with voice-over, Video Slideshow with spokesperson, Trailers, Video Advertising and Video…

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6 Local Video Marketing Tips to Increase Leads

Facebook CEO and tech zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg said recently that in the future he expects the majority of content consumed online to be video. Whether he’s right or wrong (he’s obviously gotten some things right) it’s more evidence of the fact that, for…

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How to Increase Your Sales Using Autoresponders

If your business is not yet using autoresponders to connect with consumers, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to save time and money while still conducting outreach and building relationships with current and prospective customers.  With the right strategy in place, autoresponders…

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SEO Services Value Calculator

In this example, if your video hits 200 views per month and you  are able to convert %8 of those visitors, that will give you 16 new leads per month. If you can convert just 30% of those new leads into customers that will give you…

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How to Create a Local Video Marketing Strategy

According to ComScore, more than 100 million Internet users view videos online each day.  This number is not only growing, but people also watch videos on their mobile devices, and these videos play a role in their purchasing decisions. In other words, videos…

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